Vermont Football Club


Vermont Auskick Centres

Auskick is a nationwide AFL program designed to teach the basic skills of Australian Rules Football to boys and girls aged between five and 12 in an environment where making friends, having fun with their parents and improving their skills are the most important goals.

The Junior club has formed a very close relationship with our local Auskick Centres:

Vermont which are held at Livingstone Primary School in Hanover Road Vermont, and
St James which are held at St James Primary School in Centre Road Vermont.

The Vermont Junior Football Club supports the development of these centres, hosting grid games enabling Auskickers to play a game and enjoy a sausage and drink at the half time break of our Seniors’ games. It is common to also see Senior players attend and conduct some of the Auskick sessions.

Auskick is a great way for children to learn about Australian Rules Football, while developing skills and teamwork. The children are taught the basic skills of how to kick, mark, handball and bouncing in a safe and friendly environment where they are put through a number of activities and football drills. Regardless of their ability, children will improve their ball handling skills, health, fitness and confidence playing a team sport. Children also may get an opportunity to play a match on the MCG or Etihad Stadium! The program also allows parents to get involved by assisting with the activities and drills. The Centre’s are run by volunteers and parental assistance is encouraged and can be very rewarding.

To register, go to http://www.aflauskick.com.au/ and follow the simple registration and payment process.

For any enquiries, you can call any of the following:

Chris Harvey – St James Co-ordinator – 0430 465 533

John Middenway – Vermont Co-ordinator – 0402 064 067

Chris Harvey – VJFC Auskick Liaison Officer – 0430 465 533

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