Team Manager Information and Forms

To assist Team Managers in their role, we have prepared a Team Managers Handbook which outlines the roles and responsibilities which need to be completed at various times of the year.  Please familiarise yourself with the content of the manual. Team Managers Handbook 2022.

The following information relates to game day.  Team Managers roles are crucial for a successfully run game day. People who are operating in these roles should make themselves familiar with their responsibilities prior to turning up on the day.

Match Day Official Guidelines
Time Keepers Card
Goal Umpires Score Card
Report on Field Umpire
Ground Inspection Form
Interchange Stewards Form
ENFL Incident Report Form

Managing Injuries

Injuries are a part of playing a contact sport. That said, we aim to minimise the likelihood of these and protect all players as best we can. Each team has at least one qualified first aid representative in attendance on game day.  It is also the clubs policy that all players must wear mouth guards and players up to U12's must wear helmets.  This is compulsory for both training and playing.

The VJFC aligns with the AFL Guidelines, in that any player showing the signs or symptoms of concussion should be removed from the field immediately and referred to a medical practitioner.  A concussed player must not return to school, training or playing before having a formal medical clearance.  In addition, the VJFC Policy is that a concussed player will not be allowed to train or play for a minimum of 12 days and a signed medical clearance will be required before the player can train or play again.  The medical clearance cannot be obtained on the same day as the concussion injury.  There will be NO EXCEPTIONS and is inclusive of all final’s games.  When the team trainer is present, they have the sole discretion to determine when a player is showing signs or symptoms of concussion.  In the absence of a team trainer the team official present and who provides assistance has the sole discretion.

In the event of a player receiving an injury, the AFL Community Website has some good reference guides to help with a first response.

AFL Community - Injuries

Concussion Management - Following the introduction of the new concussion management guidelines for AFL matches, the AFL Doctors Association has produced guidelines for community football.   The guidelines are for trainers, first-aid providers, coaches, umpires, club officials and parents and should be understood and followed by all parties for the benefit and welfare of the players.  Information can be obtain below:

Community Concussion Guidelines
Head Injury Assessment Form

Insurance - The EFL has arranged insurance coverage for all their affiliated member clubs, officials, coaches, umpires, voluntary workers and players.  The insurance portal can be accessed here which provides an online tool to access important information about the insurance program.

Public and Products Liability Certificate of Currency for Vermont Junior Football Club