2024 Registration

In 2024 Vermont Junior Football Club will field teams in all age groups in boys and girls from Under 8s to Under 18s, and we are always excited to welcome new players to the club. Whether you are a current player, joining our club for the first time or transferring from another club, ALL players must be registered for insurance purposes.

Registration opens on 16th December 2023 (Returning players, U8 boys, U10 girls) 

This is the latest information we have from the EFNL and we will provide confirmation on the date as we get further information. The order of registration will be as follows: 

1. Returning 2023 Vermont Junior footballers who register before Registration day (Registration Day to be confirmed, expected late January) and all new players in U8 boys and U10 girls.  

2. New player registrations received on or after Registration day for all age groups, provided that the maximum numbers have not been reached. 

3. All registrations received after Registration day will be processed in the order in which they are received. 

The order and acceptance of registrations is covered within the club's registration policy which can be viewed here.

Transferring to Vermont Junior Football Club

Players who have played competition football previously (not Auskick) and wish to play for Vermont in 2024 must be cleared by Vermont Junior Football Club, their previous club and the EFNL (subject to availability).

To initiate a transfer, please contact the Registrar on registrar@vermontjfc.com.au.

2024 Registration Fees

Registration fees are set to cover the cost of running the Junior football club.  We are determined to keep registration fees as low as possible.  For season 2024 our fee structure is as follows:

Non Competitive: U8 to U10 Boys & U10 to U12 Girls - $210  (includes $18 EFNL registration fee)
Competitive: U11 to U17.5 Boys & U14 to U18 Girls - $250  (includes $18 EFNL registration fee)

The EFNL registration fee is set by the EFNL and payable by every player.  The fee is paid directly to the EFNL as part of registration.

The Vermont Junior Football Clubs wants to encourage as many children as possible to be able to participate in Australian Rules Football.  Families experiencing financial hardship can make a request to the Junior President (president@vermontjfc.com.au) for alternative payment options.  All applications will be treated confidentially.

Further Information

If you have any issues or questions please contact us via registrar@vermontjfc.com.au