This Mission Statement contains the values, goals and principles which underpin the operations of the Vermont Junior Football Club.

All players, parents, coaches & officials are requested to support the VJFC Committee by noting, observing and applying the following.

The VJFC exists to provide local youth with an opportunity to play Australian Rules football and develop skills in a supportive, community & safe environment.
We want to have a reputation as a caring and professional club, which plays by the rules and fosters a sense of community.
Our coaches, team officials and helpers are volunteers who generously give their time and skills for the benefit of the players. We expect players and parents to respect and co-operate with these people.
We play team football and promote fair play with a focus on personal effort, player development and enjoyment.
We respect the rights, dignity and worth of all players, team mates & opposition, and expect good sportsmanship from everybody attending a match or at training.
The VJFC reserves the right to suspend any player, parent, coach or official whose behaviour is inconsistent with the above values, goals and principles.
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