Vermont Football Club



As a club we must follow strict training and hygiene protocols to resume and undertake training and they must be adhered to by the coaches, players and families.

These protocols are:

  • Full-contact training and full-contact competitions may resume without any limit on the number of participants, although gathering rules apply to spectators. Groups of 20 are no longer relevant and full squads can train together.
  • The club will implement a log or register to keep a track of which players are in attendance at all training sessions
  • Players are to arrive fully dressed for training (helmets if applicable, mouth guards and footy boots).
  • Change rooms will be open to access toilets only. No player is to enter change rooms for any other purpose
  • If you are feeling sick or unwell DO NOT ATTEND training and please inform your age group coordinator
  • Label, fill and bring your own water bottle
  • One parent/carer is encouraged to attend training, however strictly no parents are allowed on the oval during training, and must follow social distancing guidelines if watching
  • Hand sanitiser will be available at training with players encourage to perform safe hygiene practices and coaches will be required to sanitise gear (footballs and cones) before and after training


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